Institute for Aging Research

Mechanisms and Strategies to Prevent the Metabolic Syndrome of Aging

Previously focused on the hexosamine biosynthetic pathway as a nutrient sensor, this project now focuses on sirtuins (Sirt), and investigates the following areas:  

  1. Role of hypothalamic Sirt1 in determining insulin action in aging rodents (Barzilai) 
  2. Increased central and peripheral expression of Sirt1 in prevention of metabolic decline and decreased risk for cancer (Sinclair, Nair)
  3. Effects of resveratrol on insulin action and the inflammatory response of adipose tissue in middle-aged overweight subjects (Hawkins)
  4. Effects of resveratrol on metabolic and vascular function in subjects with age-related impairment in glucose tolerance, including assessment of adipose and muscle tissue (Crandall)


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