Institute for Aging Research

Cellular and Tissue Aging Core

Scientific Director: Ana Maria Cuervo, MD, PhD ; Operations Manager: Regina Kuliawat, PhD  

The Cellular and Tissue Aging Core provides investigators with tools, assays and expertise for the analysis of changes in cellular and tissue homeostasis that occur with age.  

The CTAC offers services to facilitate the study of cellular homeostasis and quality control systems in different types of cultured cells subjected to interventions intended to reproduce or prevent different aspects of the biology of aging, or in tissues of rodent models of aging or age-related disorders.  


  1. Analysis of changes in protein turnover
  2. Biochemical analysis of autophagic activity (macroautophagy and chaperone-mediated autophagy)
  3. Dynamic analysis of receptor mediated endocytosis
  4. Morphometric analysis of electronmicrographies pertinent to the analysis of homeostatic cellular pathways
  5. Consultations to obtain advice on preparation and processing of samples, use of appropriate controls, limitations of the techniques and interpretation of biochemical data
  6. Reporters and markers of senescence and aging
  7. Repository of senescence cellular models

For information regarding consultation fees, experimental design and methods please contact

Fees (all fees are per assay)


Type of service   NSC member rate   Others  
Cellular Metabolism 
Complete Protein Turnover analysis $300 $600
Protein synthesis  (4 samples with triplicates) $50 $100
Protein degradation (1 type sample 6 conditions with triplicates) $100 $200
Cell plating and culture in preparation for analysis $30 $45
Organelle homeostasis/function 
Complete autophagic function assessment * $700 $1400
Macroautophagy (MA)
LC3 flux  (per 10 samples) $75 $150
Morphometric analysis IF/EM* (2 conditions) $300 $600
Training/Consulting in Morphometric analysis IF/EM
(includes morphometric analysis but excludes fees for processing of samples
and use of microscopes in the Analytical Imaging Facilities)
$60/h $120/h
MA markers (each 10 samples) $150 $300
Chaperone-mediated autophagy (CMA)
Florescence reporter  (2 conditions) $450 $900
CMA markers (each 10 samples) $150 $300
 Antibody/Transferrin uptake (2 conditions) $150 $300
Senescence markers 
Training in proper use of senescence model cell line (IMR-90) $100 $200
Frozen Cell vial + Flask culture-ready $45 $90
Cell specific markers of aging (upon consultation)

For information regarding consultation fees, experimental design and methods please contact ana-maria.cuervo@einstein.yu.eduu 

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