Institute for Aging Research

Streamson C. Chua, Jr., PhD

An internationally recognized expert in the neural genetics of obesity and metabolism, Dr. Streamson Chua is director of both the Molecular Genetics Core of the New York Obesity Research Center and the Histology/Molecular Core. Dr. Chua was responsible for genetic mapping of the leptin receptor, a seminal finding leading to fundamentally novel approaches to understanding the relationship between the CNS system and the periphery in the control of energy balance (Science. 1996).     

Dr. Chua’s current and future research efforts involve the following: 

  • Novel models of leptin receptor deficiency in selective hypothalamic neuronal populations, such as arcuate proopiomelanocortin and agouti-related peptide neurons (Endocrinology. 2008). These studies may ultimately reveal the significance of hypothalamic leptin signaling in the control of food intake, body weight regulation and energy metabolism.  
  • Other peptides that have a central role but elicit peripheral effects. He is currently mentoring a trainee in this grant to use transgenic methods to over-express the mitochondrial anti-apoptotic anti-diabetic peptide humanin.  


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