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Templates are available for Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, and e-mail signatures in Outlook. All Word templates are compatible with either PC or Macintosh computers and printers.

Word Template

word doc
Stationary Style:

All the personalized contact information is in one column in the upper right area of the page. The information should not exceed eight lines.


Consists of a title page and second-level header. Use this template for preparation of grant proposals.

News Release:

Formatted to offer an alternative layout to the stationery for articles or releases; includes basic contact information.


Social Media Icons


Display these images on your Facebook page. Change your department name in Photoshop.

Powerpoint Templates


Four styles of PowerPoint templates are available. Styles 2, 3, and 4 are offered in a variety of color palettes with images depicting either research, education or clinical care. Style 1 offers a simple design in the Einstein blue palette, as well as a general image of Einstein. Each template file contains two master slides: a title slide and a slide master with header, main body, and footer styles.powerpoint templates

style 2 powerpoint templates

style 3 powerpoint templates

style 4 powerpoint templates

Style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:

Style 4: