Branding Around the Campus


Following are frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning the new Einstein logo and the use of our new branding.

Simply click on a question and the answer will appear beneath it.If you have a question that is not addressed below, please submit your question here.


Where should I use the new Einstein logo/brand?

Primarily wherever you used the old logo—on stationery, business cards, memo pads, posters, PowerPoint presentations, etc. If you have additional questions, please review the Guidelines. You can also click here to submit a question, or call Creative Services at extension 2135.


Is there any leeway in how we can use the brand and the guidelines provided for its use?

We ask that everyone stay within the framework established by the branding guidelines. The idea is to create a consistent look for Einstein and not re-create the situation that previously existed – with various logos used in numerous ways throughout the College of Medicine, as well as in external locations and publications.


Where can I find the templates for developing my materials?

Go to the Template section, where you can choose among templates for stationery, e-mail signature, PowerPoint presentation, and other applications.


Are there specific guidelines for using my department or center logo with the Einstein logo?

Yes, those are outlined in the Guidelines


Why is it necessary for everything to have a consistent look? How can we demonstrate our individuality within the institution while still following the recommended guidelines?

An organization is viewed as much more professional when there is a consistent look. It is also confusing and distracting to outsiders when they see various representations of a college or university. So we are striving for consistency, but there will be occasions when we will be flexible; that will be determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the situation and the circumstances. If you have a specific situation that you feel merits such consideration, please submit a question, or contact Creative Services at extension 2135.


I really liked the association with Albert Einstein and the use of his bust in the old logo. Is there a way I can still use likeness in my own materials if I also use the new brand?

While it will still be possible to use the likeness of Einstein in various settings (e.g., around campus, in pictures and articles in magazines), it may not be used in association with the new logo.


What happened to “Uncle Albert” and how did you arrive at this new logo?

This was a complicated decision but it was determined that the new “icon” should be modern and represent the worlds of biomedical science and medicine. Most important, however, is that we are not getting rid of “Uncle Albert.” All our research informed us that the power of association between Albert Einstein and the College of Medicine was captured in the name versus his likeness. And we are keeping the name in two places – both in the full name of the College of Medicine and in the word “Einstein,” which is prominent in the new logo. For further information about how we arrived at Einstein's new brand, see Positioning Brochure.


How soon will all the new Einstein gear be available and where can I get it?

You will be able to purchase the new Einstein gear at the Einstein Campus Store, managed by Barnes and Noble.


What kinds of products will be available with the new logo? If there’s an item I’d like to see with the logo and it isn’t available, where can I make a suggestion/request for the item?

The primary products will be t-shirts, hats, decals, and sweatshirts. If you'd like to make a special request, please submit a question here


Our Einstein club would like to incorporate the new logo into our events and related materials (t-shirts, posters, etc). Are there specifications for how we can use the new logo/brand?

Yes, please click on the Guidelines option from the menu, above left. If your questions are not answered there, please submit a question, or call Creative Services at extension 2135.


When will information seminars be held and how can I sign up to take part?

Information seminars regarding appropriate use of the logo and brand will be offered, starting in December. Further details regarding dates, times, and locations will be posted on this webpage, and the Einstein community will also be notified about the seminar offerings via broadcast e-mail.


Is there a way we can recycle any unused materials that have the old Einstein logos?

There are blue recycling receptacles located throughout the Einstein campus. Please use these to dispose of your old Einstein materials.