Gomathi N. Sivaramakrishnan Gomathi N. Sivaramakrishnan  
US Training at Einstein: 2004 - 2005
Position: Visiting Fellow
Home Country: India
Position in Home Country: Graduate Student, Tuberculosis Research Centre, Chennai
India Mentor: Dr. Vanaja Kumar
US Host Lab Mentor: Dr. William R. Jacobs Jr.
Current Position: Technical Officer, Department of Bacteriology, Tuberculosis Research Centre, Epidemiology Unit, Chennai, India

Ms. Gomathi's research project was aimed at developing improved luciferase reporter phage constructs. Development of such constructs is likely to improve the diagnostic sensitivity of the constructs such that they could be applied for rapid diagnosis and drug susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from sputum samples. She benefited from the techniques learned during her stay in AECOM and applied them to her thesis research. The collaborative research that Ms. Gomathi conducted with Dr. William Jacobs. Jr, as the US mentor, led to 2 publications (all original) in Journal of Microbiological Methods and Tuberculosis. The informal training she received from peers in bio informatics aided in another publication in Computational biology and Chemistry. Subsequent to defending her thesis she is actively involved in phage studies under her Indian mentor, Dr. Vanaja Kumar and her team. Their consorted effort is to develop a rapid, reliable and cost effective phage based kit for detection and drug susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. She is hopeful of at least 2 more publications from the training she received at AECOM. She plans to use her current position as Technical Officer in one of the distinguished mycobacteriology laboratories in India for improving the standard of research in her lab and to actively impart training to national and international students and fellows.

Publication from AITRP Research
  1. Vanaja Kumar, Prabakaran Loganathan, Gomathi Sivaramakrishnan, Jordan Kriakov, Azger Dusthakeer, Balaji Subramanyam, John Chan, William R. Jacobs Jr., Narayanan ParanjiRama (2008) Characterization of temperate phage Che12: application in diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis 88: 618-623 (Impact Factor: 3.425)
  2. Azger Dusthackeer, Vanaja Kumar, Selvakumar Subbian, Gomathi Sivaramakrishnan, Guofang Zhu, Balaji Subramanyam, Sameer Hassan, Selvakumar Nagamaiah, John Chan and Narayanan Paranji Rama. 2008. Construction and evaluation of luciferase reporter phages for the detection of non-replicating tubercle bacilli. J. Microbiol. methods. 73: 18-25. (Impact Factor: 2.442)

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