Deepak Jayakumar, Ph.D. Deepak Jayakumar  
US Training at Einstein: Apr., 2003 - Jul., 2004
Home Country: India
Past Position: Graduate Student, Tuberculosis Research Center, Chennai, India
India Mentor: Dr. Sujatha Narayanan
US Host Lab Mentor: Dr. William R. Jacobs, Jr.
Current Position: Research Fellow, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Mr. Deepak Jayakumar's research project was aimed at "Construction of knock-out mutants of serine threonine protein kinases of Mycobacteria". It was a collaborative project involving one mentor from Einstein, Dr. William R. Jacobs and one from India, Dr. Sujatha Narayanan. During his period of stay at AECOM he constructed knock out mutants of pknE in M.tuberculosis, pknE, pknF and pknL in M.bovis BCG and two protein kinase knock-outs in the saprophytic strain, M.smegmatis. After further characterization of the pknE mutant in M.tuberculosis it was determined that it played a role in preventing apoptosis in a human macrophage model of infection. PknE biochemical characterization and pknE promoter analysis was also done as parts of the project after return to his home institution. Animal studies and host gene response to pknE mutant infected macrophages are currently being pursued as principal sub projects at his home institution. The collaborative project has initially led to a single publication. Subsequent to defending his PhD thesis, Dr. Deepak Jayakumar returned to the US and joined Dr. Sriram Neelamegham's laboratory (SUNY at Buffalo, NY) to study the molecular biology of the P-Selectin glycoprotein ligand (PSGL-1) and developed techniques to detect site specific glycosylation of surface associated proteins. He is currently working as a Research Fellow at the Department of Biochemistry at AECOM where his current focus of research is on role of virulence genes in survival and replication of Legionella pneumophila in eukaryotic host cells.

Meeting Presentations:
  1. Jayakumar, D., Narayanan, S., Narayanan P.R. "Cloning, expression and characterization of a serine/ threonine protein kinase, PknE of Mycobacterium tuberculosis."
    Poster presented at the 31st Annual Conference of the Indian Immunological Society at the Centre for Biotechnology, Chennai, India. December 2004.
  2. Jayakumar, D., Narayanan, S., Narayanan P.R. "Purification and biochemical characterization of a serine/threonine protein kinase, PknE of Mycobacterium tuberculosis."
    Poster Presented at the International Conference on "Functional genomics for novel vaccine and drug design against Mycobacterial Infection (VDMI)" at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. February 2005.
Publication from AITRP Research:
  1. Jayakumar, D., Jacobs W.R. Jr., Narayanan, S. (2008) "Protein kinase E of Mycobacterium tuberculosis has a role in the nitric oxide stress response and apoptosis in a human macrophage model of infection", Cellular Microbiology 2008 Feb; 10(2):365-74.

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