Sohrab Khan Sohran Khan  
US Training at Einstein: 2008
Position: Visiting Fellow
Home Country: India
Position in Home Country: Graduate Student, National Centre for Cell Science, Pune
India Mentor: Dr. Debashis Mitra
US Host Lab Mentor: Dr. Ganjam V. Kalpana
Current Position: Graduate Student, National Centre for Cell Science, Pune, India

Sohrab Zafar Khan visited Einstein AITRP in 2008 as a graduate student at the National centre For Cell Science, Pune, India working towards his doctoral degree under the guidance of Dr. Debashis Mitra. His research project was aimed at Gene expression profile analysis to determine HIV-1-induced apoptosis: Mechanism of T cell depletion and clade-specific differences in pathogenicity. The collaborative research that Mr. Khan conducted with Dr. Ganjam Kalpana as the US mentor, has led to some interesting findings and he is continuing the same back in India. During his stay in Dr. Kalpana's Laboratory, he gained valuable research experience. Currently Mr. Khan is working as a Senior Research Fellow in the National Centre for Cell Science, Pune.


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