Loganathan Prabakaran Loganathan Prabakaran  
US Training at Einstein: Oct., 2002 - Jul., 2003
Position: Visiting Fellow
Home Country: India
Position in Home Country: Graduate Student, TRC (ICMR), Chennai
India Mentor: Dr. Vanaja Kumar
US Host Lab Mentor: Dr. William R. Jacobs Jr.
Current Position: Research Assistant, TRC (ICMR), Chennai

Dr. L. Prabakaran's research project was aimed at construction of luciferase reporter phage from phages isolated in Chennai for diagnosis of tuberculosis. He was successful in genetically engineering the first true temperate phage Che12 to develop luciferase reporter construct in order to improve the sensitivity of the LRP assay for rapid diagnosis of tuberculosis. AITRP fellowship helped him to develop the LRP construct and also helped him to pursue his research carrier leading to his Ph.D degree. This collaborative research has led to one publication in ELSEVIER Journal Tuberculosis.

Publication from AITRP Research
  1. Vanaja Kumar, Prabakaran Loganathan, Gomathi Sivaramakrishnan,Jordan Kriakov , Azger Dusthakeer , Balaji Subramanyam , John Chan,William R. Jacobs Jr, Narayanan Paranji Rama. Characterization of temperate phage Che12 and construction of a new tool for diagnosis of tuberculosis. Tuberculosis (2008) 88, 616-623.

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