Manoj Kumar Tripathy Manoj Kumar Tripathy  
US Training at Einstein: Oct. 2007 - Jun. 2008
Position: Visiting Fellow
Home Country: India
Past Position: Graduate Student, National Centre for Cell Science
India Mentor: Dr. Debashis Mitra
US Host Lab Mentor: Dr. Ganjam V. Kalpana
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Virology, University of Franche Comte, Saint Jacques Hospital, CHU Besancon-25000, France

Manoj Kumar Tripathy, a graduate student at the National Centre for Cell Science, Pune, India working towards his doctoral degree under the guidance of Dr. Debashis Mitra visited Einstein AITRP in October 2007 for 9 months till June 2008. His research project was aimed at continuing the ongoing collaborative research project on the "Gene expression profiling HIV-1 infection: comparative analysis of selective genes in subtype B and C infection and their role in viral pathogenesis and T Cell depletion" and "Aptamers for inhibition of subtype C HIV-1 Nef function" with Dr. Ganjam V. Kalpana and Dr. Vinayaka R. Prasad respectively as US mentors. In Dr. Kalpana lab, he learnt virological techniques like viral quantitation, purification as well as in gene expression methodologies using qRT-PCR and RNAi. After his return to India he continued a part of this work in his laboratory prior to submitting his thesis. This work experience immensely helped in improving the quality of his doctoral work.


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