Gayathri Shabaraya Gayathri Shabaraya  
US Training at Einstein: 2008
Position: Visiting Fellow
Home Country: India
Position in Home Country: Post-doctoral Fellow, Bangalore University, Banglore
India Mentor: Dr. John Romate
US Host Lab Mentor: Dr. Laurie Bauman
Current Position: Regional Project Manager, GFATM-7, Counselling Sub component, Center for Psychological Counseling, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India

Dr. Gayathri Shabaraya, Counseling Psychologist from the Center for Psychological Counselling, Bangalore University, Bangalore visited Einstein AITRP in 2008, after successful completion of her doctoral degree under the guidance of Dr Romate John. In continuation to her doctoral research titled "Development of Positive Health Behavior and Knowledge of HIV/AIDS among Adolescents, using Peer Education', Dr Shabaraya continued to work on the same area for her post doctoral research under the mentorship of Dr. Romate (Dept of Psychology, Bangalore University) and Dr Laurie Bauman (Professor of Pediatrics, AECOM). During her training, she has written a paper for publication titled "Assessment of Health Behavior and other Psychological Correlates among Adolescents in Bangalore" and developed a proposal for conducting a further in-depth research on Indian adolescents' assessment of risky behavior for HIV/AIDS transmission'. She is trying to implement the proposed research on adolescent population through the Center for Psychological Counselling, Bangalore University. She has received a doctoral fellowship from Indian Council for Social Sciences Research.

Awards and Fellowships related to AITRP work:
  1. Pre-Doctoral fellowship, Indian Council for Social Sciences Research

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