Dr. Debashis Mitra Debashis Mitra  
Scientist F
National Centre for Cell Science
Pune, India
US Collaborator: Ganjam V. Kalpana, Ph.D.

Dr. Mitra visited the Einstein AITRP in 2004 to initiate studies on Differential gene expression in HIV-1 infected Cells using microarray technology with specific reference to apoptosis under this program. In collaboration with Dr. Ganjam Kalpana at Einstein AITRP, Dr. Mitra and his students initiated gene expression profiling with a homogenous population of CD4+ T cells in HIV-1 subtype B infection. Using T cells infected with NL4-3 HIV, they sorted cells into four pure populations namely, infected and apoptotic, infected and non-apoptotic, uninfected and apoptotic and uninfected and non-apoptotic for gene expression profiling using microarray technology. A graduate student from his research team at NCCS, Jayashree Ladha, visited Dr. Kalpana's laboratory and a part of that work was included in her doctoral dissertation. She is now working at JNCASR, Bangalore as a post-doctoral fellow. This work was further extended by Dr. Mitra's visit again in 2007 followed by the visit of his graduate students Manoj Tripathy and Sohrab Khan in 2008. The analysis is near to completion and their results will help delineate many unanswered question in HIV induced T cell depletion. In addition, the current objective of Dr. Mitra and Dr. Kalpana is to identify differentially expressed genes in subtype C HIV-1 infections prevalent in India and compare the profile with the existing knowledge of subtype B HIV. This collaboration has not only led to a state of the art training for the students of Dr. Mitra but has also helped to generate novel information in the area of HIV-1 induced T cell apoptosis to be published soon.

Dr. Mitra's students who visited Einstein AITRP for training:
  1. Jayashree Ladha, 2003 - 2004
  2. Manoj K Tripathy, 2007 - 2008
  3. Sohrab Z Khan - 2008

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