Prasanta Kumar Dash Prasanta Kumar Dash  
Position: Visiting Fellow
US Training at Einstein: Nov. 2007 - May, 2008
Home Country: India
Position in Home Country: Graduate Student, Jawaharalal Center for Advance Scientific Research, Bangalore
India Mentor: Dr. Udaykumar Ranga
US Host Lab Mentor: Dr. Vinayaka R. Prasad
Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA

Dr. Dash's research project was aimed at "Biological characterization of HIV-1 subtype-C molecular clone D24" as a part of collaborative research between Dr. Udaykumar Ranga and Dr. Vinayaka R Prasad, which led to one research paper in the Retrovirology. After defending his thesis, Dr. Prasanta Kumar Dash returned to US and joined Dr Howard Gendelman’s laboratory at University of Nebraska Medical Center as a post-doctoral fellow. After completing his post-doctoral training he is planning to return back to India to start his own HIV-1 Neuropathogenesis research program.

Awards and Fellowships
  1. Bill and Melinda Gates Global Health Travel Award to attend the Keystone Symposia, entitled "Molecular and Cellular Determinants of HIV Pathogenesis (X8)" held from March 25th - 30th, 2007 at Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
  2. International travel award from the conference to attend the 11th International workshop on Viral Evolution and Molecular Epidemiology held in Petropolis, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, from 5th - 9th of September 2005.
  3. Travel award from Department of Science and Technology, India for attending XVI International AIDS conference held from 13th -18th August 2006, Toronto, Canada.
  4. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Fellowship (both JRF and SRF) from 2001-2006, India.
Poster Presentations:
  1. Keystone Symposia on molecular and cellular determinants of HIV pathogenesis held on 25th - 30th March 2007, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
  2. XVI international AIDS conference held from 13th -18th August 2006, Toronto, Canada.
  3. 11th International workshop on Viral Evolution and Molecular Epidemiology, National Laboratory of Scientific Computing, 5th – 9th September 2005, Petropolis, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
  4. 7th Sir Dorabji Tata symposium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.
Publications through AITRP Research
  1. Dash PK*, Siddappa NB*, Mangaiarkarasi A, Roshan PB, Aruna VM, Mahadevan A, Shankar SK, Satishchandra P, Prasad VR and Ranga U. Expanded coreceptor use of HIV-1 subtype-C molecular clones isolated from an Indian demented subject: implications for HIV-1 associated dementia. Retrovirology 2008, 5:25 (* Equal contribution).

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