Nagadenahalli B Siddappa NB Siddappa  
US Training at Einstein: 2004
Home Country: India
Position in Home Country: Graduate Student, Jawaharalal Center for Advance Scientific Research, Bangalore
India Mentor: Dr. Udaykumar Ranga
US Host Lab Mentor: Dr. Vinayaka R. Prasad
Current Position: Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston

Mr. Siddappa's research project was aimed at "Construction and functional evaluation of chimeric Tat proteins generated between subtype-B and subtype-C sequences". He benefited from the techniques learned during his stay in AECOM and applied them to his thesis research. The collaborative research that Mr. Siddappa conducted with Dr. Prasad as the US mentor, led to 4 original publications in peer-reviewed journals. Subsequent to defending his thesis, Dr. Siddappa returned to US and joined Dr. Ruth Ruprecht laboratory as a post-doctoral fellow to develop simian-human immunodeficiency viruses (SHIV) strains to be used in challenge experiments; the ultimate aim was to use these strains to test vaccine efficacy against mucosal HIV-C transmission in macaque models. He has been successful as a postdoctoral fellow with 6 additional publications and several young investigator awards. In July 2009, he was promoted to Instructor at Harvard Medical School only two years after receiving PhD.

Awards, Fellowships related to AITRP work
  1. Indian National Science Academy (INSA) Young Scientist Medal, 2008, for extraordinary promise and creativity of a young scientist who made notable contributions in science
  2. Bill and Melinda Global Health Scholarship to attend Keystone Symposia, March 26 – April 2, 2006, Keystone, Colorado, USA
  3. International Award to attend AIDS VACCINE 2005, International Conference, September 6-9, Montréal, Canada
  4. Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Senior Research Fellowship, 2002-2005, India
Meeting Presentations
  1. 2006 HIV Vaccines (X6), Keystone Symposia, Keystone, CO
  2. 2006 7th Sir Dorabji Tata Symposium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
  3. 2004 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Retroviruses Meeting, NY
  4. 2004 10th FAOBMB Congress, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Publications through AITRP-supported collaboration
  1. Rao VR, Sas A, Eugenin EA, Siddappa NB, Nelson HB, Berman JW, Ranga U, Tyor WR, Prasad VR. HIV- 1 clade-specific differences in the induction of neuropathogenesis. J Neuroscience 2008; 28: 10010-6.
  2. Dash PK*, Siddappa NB*, Mangaiarkarasi A, Roshan PB, Aruna VM, Mahadevan A, Shankar SK, Satishchandra P, Prasad VR and Ranga U. Expanded coreceptor use of HIV-1 subtype-C molecular clones isolated from an Indian demented subject: implications for HIV-1 associated dementia. Retrovirology 2008, 5:25 (* Equal contribution).
  3. Siddappa NB, Venkatramanan M, Venkatesh P, Janki MV, Jayasuryan N, Desai A, Ravi V, Ranga U. Transactivation and signaling functions of Tat are not correlated: biological and immunological characterization of HIV-1 subtype-C Tat protein. Retrovirology 2006; 3:53.
  4. Ranga U, Shankarappa R*, Siddappa NB*, Ramakrishna L, Nagendran R, Mahalingam M, Mahadevan A, Jayasuryan N, Satishchandra P, Shankar SK, Prasad VR. Tat protein of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype C strains is a defective chemokine. J Virol 2004: 78: 2586-90 (*Equal contribution).

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