Countries of our Focus
Our India Program includes collaborative programs with the Jawaharalal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (Bangalore), St. John’s Medical Center (Bangalore), Tuberculosis Research Centre (Chennai), SAATHI (Chennai), National Centre for Cell Science (Pune), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (New Delhi) and Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (Hyderabad). We run a highly successful medium-term program for graduate students with their thesis focus on HIV/AIDS, a wildly popular AIDS in India meeting series as well as visiting scholar program for post-doctoral fellows. We have also conducted 4-week long program on clinical research methods in AIDS.
Our Rwanda program is lead by Dr. Kathryn Anastos. Our capacity building objectives in Rwanda are currently centered around AIDS malignancy research – although our overall goal includes AIDS prevention in general. Our training model for Rwanda includes the 2-year Master’s in Clinical Research Training Program and the 2-Year MPH program through the Institute for Public Health Sciences (IPHS) of Yeshiva University. We have also conducted in-country 4-week workshops on research methods for clinicians both in Mumbai, India (in 2008, which was attended by Rwandan citizens) and in Kigali (2010).
Our Bangladesh program is mainly through the International Center for Diarrheal Diseases Research (ICDDR, B) in Dhaka. Programs include medium-term visits to US, access to in-country meetings as well as to 2-year degree programs.

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