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The Accounts Payable (AP) Department is the last step in the procurement process. We support the College's mission, goals and cash management strategy by providing timely and accurate disbursement of payments, excellent customer service and a commitment to continuous process improvement while ensuring compliance with current College policy and federal and state rules and regulations.

 All invoices should be sent to EDM at the address below, with a valid Purchase Order # for processing. 

Accounts Payable Frequently Asked Questions

  •  How to determine which form should be used for a particular claimant for reimbursement? 
    • If the claimant is a current AECOM Student, they should complete a Student Reimbursement Request Form.
    • If the claimant is on Monte payroll, then you submit the request as a Request for Payment Form.
    • If the claimant is AECOM faculty/staff, then submit the request under the Concur platform......  For Concur access, please contact Geraldo Braithwaite at


  •  How are invoices processed? 

    Only special vendors that have an agreement with Accounts Payable for payment submission should go to Accounts Payable. All other vendors/departments should send their invoice copies to for processing. Make sure when submitting the invoice to EDM, a valid PO # is written on the invoice copy and not on the email. EDM will upload the invoice within 48 to 72 hours and payment will process according to the vendor terms.  You must send one PDF file per email. 

    All requisitions for payments for goods or services are to be processed through EPRO. This includes catalog and non-catalog orders, guest lecturers, request for Payments (only used for an emergency when a PO is utilized), consultants, utilities and other service providers.

    The process starts with a requisition in EPRO which goes through budget checks and appropriate departmental reviews. Once all approvals are gathered in EPRO, a PO is issued and subsequent invoices can be processed against it.

    Whether approved in EPRO or signed on the Banner Direct, the department assumes the responsibility that the charge is an appropriate business expense.

    Travel advances will not available. In the rare occasion that an advance is needed, approval is needed by the office of the CFO.


  •  Has my invoice been processed?   

    Did you send the invoice copy to EDM @ If not, please send.

    If you have sent the invoice to EDM, please allow 48 to 72 hours for EDM to upload the invoice into EPRO. Payment information can be obtained by going into your PO in EPRO.

    Under Payment Status

    • Payable - Invoice is scheduled on the due date provided according to vendor terms.
    • In process – May require a receipt, additional funds or approval. Please click on the C # and check the matching tab for exceptions.
    • Paid – The invoice was paid. Click on the C# and look under Payment information to view check date and number.




  •  Where do vendors and departments send invoices to be processed?   

    All invoices associated with a valid Purchase order must be sent directly to EDM at If you don’t have email access, please fax or mail your invoice to:

    Fax – (855) 286-9558

    Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Inc.
    PO Box 4467
    Scranton, PA 18505

    Unless specified by the department, an individual Invoice with a valid PO that is less than $5,000 dollars in total, will be processed without additional authorization.


  •  How do employee and student Reimbursement Requests get processed?  

    Reimbursement Requests for Einstein faculty, staff and students should be submitted via EPRO, using the new Reimbursement Request form. All other reimbursements should be on a Request for Payment. Approvals will be routed accordingly through workflow.

    In order to expedite processing of these requests, please remember the following:

    • All fields are on the Reimbursement Request form are mandatory.
    • All facsimile receipts and applicable documentation are to be scanned and uploaded to the form. (Hold on to your original receipts for audit purposes)
    • If request total is over $5,000, it requires additional approval from your Departmental Finance Administrator prior continuing to Accounts Payable.
    • Please fill out all fields as applicable. Incomplete forms, including those with missing documentation, will be returned back to the department for correction/adjustment thus causing a delay processing payment.

    When submitting a Reimbursement for an employee or student it is the responsibility of the department to complete the form accurately with the business purpose clearly indicated. All corresponding paperwork must be included and the expense must conform to all College and Sponsored research guidelines.

    Departments will have to submit the reimbursement via EPRO for Students with no EPRO Access. If students require access to submit their reimbursement, they will need to request shopper access. Please contact the Help Desk and put in a ticket.

     Important information to know: 

     Submission Time Limit: Since we are no longer accepting original receipts, expenses must be submitted in a timely manner. Any expense that is reported more than 90 days after it was incurred will NOT be reimbursed. This is to avoid duplicate receipt reimbursement!

     Reimbursements are paid within 30 days from when Accounts Payable received it (Provided all documents are included) 


  •  What causes delays in getting my invoice/payment request paid?   

    Invoice was not sent to EDM

    Invoice was not receipted in EPRO

    Purchase Order needs to be revised for additional funds.

     Invoice has not been approved in EPRO 

    In the current EPRO invoice workflow, all invoices over $5,000 dollars requires a receipt in order to obtain a three way match (PO, invoice and Receiving confirmation). The receiving requirement is completed by the requesting department in EPRO.

    Also, invoices whose corresponding PO’s have been coded against the following account codes will also require departmental sign off in EPRO regardless of dollar amount:

    24007 Industrial refrigeration
    30001 Building construction components and supplies
    47003 Industrial laundry and dry cleaning equipment
    47005 Cleaning and janitorial supplies
    55004 Signage
    76001 Industrial Cleaning Services
    81002 Professional engineering services
    81003 Electrical and electronic engineering
    82010 Printing
    82021 Binding restoration or repair
    92001 Security and Safety Services

    Incomplete or inaccurate information/documentation

    Transactions that are submitted without a valid PO number, the appropriate approvals and/or documentation will cause delays in processing/payment and also increase processing costs to the College.


  •  What happens if I lost an original receipt for a reimbursement?   

    There are unforeseen instances when receipts are lost or unavailable. If an original receipt is missing for whatever reason, the requestor must first contact the vendor to request a replacement.

    If the vendor will not provide a replacement receipt or an affidavit verifying the purchase or payment, Missing Receipt Affidavit form must be filled out by the requestor and signed by the Department Head/Chairperson.

    The Department Head/Chairperson affirms that the amounts were expended for an appropriate Albert Einstein College of Medicine business purpose and original receipts have not been or will not be submitted for reimbursement.

    Repeated lack of documentation could result in disciplinary action.

     Related: The Missing Receipt Affidavit Form.


  •  What are my responsibilities as an approver of a Request for Payment or purchase of a non-PO item?   

    When approving an invoice or Request for Payment, your approval indicates that you have performed all of the following procedures, and deemed all requirements met including:

    • Adequate supporting documentation exists for every charge
      • Receipt includes:
        • Business name/logo (no generic receipts accepted, no adding tape)
        • Proof of payment exists (says paid or shows credit card number used – no order screens accepted)
      • Business Purpose is clearly documented
    • Reasonableness of Expense
      • Type of expense reviewed makes sense for the function and job description
      • Dollar amount of expense reviewed makes sense for the function and job description
      • Timeframe of the expense deemed reasonable
      • Location of the expense deemed reasonable
      • Quantity of the expense deemed reasonable
      • Price of the expense deemed reasonable
      • Expense clearly for business, not personal
      • Expense not previously submitted/paid
    • Mathematical accuracy of invoice confirmed
      • Foot and Cross-foot all invoices
    • Departmental Approval of expense
      • Department head has approved the invoice indicating the validity of the invoice, invoice price, delivery of order or service
      • The correct and complete FOAPAL is provided.
      • The expense is in compliance with all funding designations and departmental/College and Sponsored Research Guidelines.

    Transactions that are submitted to the Accounts Payable department without the correct information, approvals and documentation will be returned causing delays and increasing processing costs to the College.


  •  When is submission of an IRS W9, W8 and 8233 form required?   

    To ensure Albert Einstein College of Medicine's compliance with IRS tax reporting and withholding requirements, appropriate tax documentation must be gathered for all non-employee payments or reimbursements before payment is released by the Account Payable department.

    Compliance with these IRS rules has taken on greater importance since the IRS has identified vendor payments, especially payments to non-U.S. persons, as an area of high risk for noncompliance and potential audit.

    In addition, failure to comply with the data gathering requirements may also impact our relationships with our vendors, because, if the proper documentation is not received prior to payment, Einstein may be required to withhold a percentage of the amount otherwise due to a vendor.

    For detailed explanation of these tax compliance requirements or to schedule a departmental training, please contact Dana Lee, by email:



  •  What Is The Reimbursable Mileage Rate?   

    Beginning on Jan. 1, 2019, the mileage reimbursable rate for the use of a personal car will be $0.58 cents per mile for business miles driven.


  •  I Did Not Know Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Travel Policy. Where Do I Get A Copy?   

    The Albert Einstein College of Medicine travel policy is available to view by visiting the Procurement Services webpage under forms.


  •  When should travel reimbursement receipts get submitted?   

    All receipts/expenses related to the event should be submitted after the claimant returns from the event.
    All other receipts not related to travel should be submitted within 90 days of when the expense was incurred.


  •   I can’t wait until I get back from the event to get reimbursed. How can I eliminate some out-of-pocket expenses?   

    If you can’t wait to get reimbursed, see below options to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses

    • For “pre” or “early bird” registrations, you should do a Request for Payment in EPRO payable to the vendor.
    • For flights, trains, cars and non-conference hotels, you should book through Egencia. Click on the Egencia Profile Request Form. If you are not registered, please fill out a profile request form.






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