Planned Giving

The Bequest

Your Legacy to Albert EinsteinEinstein has been most fortunate to have received many very notable bequests over the years. Some have been directed toward specific programs such as student financial aid, named scholarships and faculty research funds . Others have been given for the College's general operating purposes allowing the Dean to apply the funds where the need is the greatest.

There are several bequest options:

  • Cash Bequest: In this case you, the donor, specify a specific amount in your will or trust that is to be given, or bequeathed, to the College. You can also specify, if it is your preference, a percent of your estate that should be directed to the College.
  • Residual Bequest: In this case you instruct your executor through your will or trust to direct all or a percentage of the remaining value of your estate after all other beneficiaries have been provided for, to Einstein.
  • Bequest of assets other than cash: Here we are suggesting gifts of personal or real property, i.e., artwork - a painting or piece of sculpture; real estate - commercial property, your home or a second home; privately held stock, shares in an ESOT, an Employee Shared Ownership Trust.

Bequest Language

Should you, your attorney or financial advisor wish to consult with us regarding the appropriate bequest language to use in your will, trust or beneficiary designation form, please feel free to call the Office of Development: 718-430-2411. If you prefer you can e-mail:  


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