Professional & Leadership Division

Executive Board


Greg Gonzalez


Peter Bernstein  


Andrew M. Weinberg  


Vice Chairmen

Peter E. Zinman 

Fundraising Chairmen

Jeffrey A. Fiedler*

David J. Klein*  

Members Emeriti

Stanley M. Katz*  

Arnold S. Penner

Marvin D. Wax 


Executive Board

Philip S. Altheim*

Marlon Bustos

Neil A. Clark* 

Ryan A. Clark

Raymond S. Cohen*

Howard N. Kivell, M.D. 

Martin Luskin*

Mitchel Maidman*

David J. Miller

Jack M. Somer 

Michael Stoler* 

Honorary Chairmen

Peter A. Gatof* 

Jay N. Goldberg* 

Adam S. Gottbetter* 

Stephen R. Karafiol*  

Paul Kronish*  

Mitchel Wm. Ostrove* 

Robert C. Patent*  

Asriel Rackow  

Burton P. Resnick*  


* Past Chairman  



Eric Blomquist
Director of Special Events 

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Block Building, Room 726
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461

Tel: 718.920.5970
E-mail: eric.blomquist@einstein.yu.edu 


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