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This is a form no longer used. Good luck on trying to get service if you fill this out, because it will bounce. You may as well watch grass grow. :-)


Here is the correct location if you need to bookmark it, and select "Network Request Form" from this new page. 







 You must fill out the fields labeled in red.


Is this a new network connection or a relocation? 


If this is a relocation, where is this system currently on the network?(Building/room) 



Contact Information 


First Name   
Last Name   
Funding number:    (Required for new connections at Einstein only) 
Email Address:   
Inter-office mailing address:   


Device location and type to connect to the network 

Is there an existing outlet in your lab/office that can be activated for this connection? 
NOTE: If there is an unused outlet within 25 feet of your computer and it is within the same room (Safety prohibits cords running between rooms) you can get your connection quicker. If you can read a label on the outlet to activate, please enter it here:  


Type of computer: 



Choose a name for your computer:

NOTE: the best names do not refer to a person or location.  If you name the computer "building-room-xxx" and you move, the name can be confusing.  Use names like "comet" or "mountainbike" that are easy to spell and easily remembered.

Will this computer be used as a server? 



Do you need access to a specific network server or service? (check as many as needed - additional forms are required but this lets networking know how to connect you to the network) 



(Second person to contact, special times that room is unavailable, etc)


Acceptable Use Policy: 

Have you read and will you abide by the Computer Policy Handbook, do you agree to have currently updated anti-virus software running on your networked computer at all times, and update the operating system as patches become available? (e.g. for Windows computers, go to



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