Benefits: Postdoctoral Research Fellows And Research Trainees

Postdoctoral research fellows and research trainees who receive stipends from Einstein are eligible to participate in the Montefiore benefits program offered through our affiliation with the Montefiore Health System. Postdoctoral research fellows who are not supported by NRSA training grants are also eligible to participate in the pretax benefits offered, which include several reimbursement plans and the Einstein 403b retirement plan.

Current employees and students can access summary information about their benefits, access benefit forms and review Einstein benefit policies by logging into Einstein’s intranet site. You will need your active directory credentials to access Einstein’s intranet site.

For more detailed information about benefits offered through our affiliation with Montefiore log into To access mymontebenefits, you will need your EZID to access this site. Your 6 digit EZID is accessible through Self Service Banner.

Benefits Summary

Health & Welfare Benefits


Postdoctoral research fellows and research trainees receive bundled benefits packages that include medical, dental, vision and life insurance coverage. Monthly costs are determined based on the medical plan and dental plan chosen. Vision coverage and life insurance coverage of $50,000 are provided automatically and are included in the monthly cost.

Medical plan options include the MontePrime EPO and the MonteCare PPO. Dental plan options include the Cigna DHMO plan and the Cigna PPO plan. The MontePrime EPO plan requires that certain in-network providers be used. Any cost share will be higher when Empire BlueCard PPO facilities and providers outside Montefiore and the Montefiore Integrated Provider Association network are used.

The MonteCare PPO plan uses the Empire BlueCard PPO network and the Montefiore network. Your share of the cost will be higher when you use Empire PPO facilities and providers outside Montefiore and the Montefiore Integrated Provider Association network. The MonteCare PPO gives you the flexibility to choose any provider; however, you will pay more for out-of-network healthcare services.

Prescription Drug Benefits

The prescription drug benefits under the MontePrime EPO plan are available through the Montefiore Outpatient Pharmacy only.

Under the MonteCare PPO plan, prescription drug benefits are administered by Express Scripts, Inc. (ESI). Under the MonteCare PPO plan, you have the option of using retail pharmacies within the ESI network, the ESI home delivery pharmacy service or the Montefiore Outpatient Pharmacy for your prescription drug needs. Prescriptions filled at the Montefiore Outpatient Pharmacy will be delivered to the ScriptCenter on Einstein’s campus daily.

Dental Benefits

Einstein offers two dental plan options: the Cigna DHMO plan and the Cigna PPO plan.

Vision Benefits

Vision benefits are provided as part of the bundled benefit package and are administered by United HealthCare Vision.

Life Benefits

Life insurance is designed to pay a benefit to an employee’s named beneficiary if the employee dies from any cause while coverage is in effect. Einstein provides basic life insurance in the amount of $50,000.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible spending accounts are available to help pay out-of-pocket healthcare and/or dependent-care expenses. Contributions are deducted on a pretax basis, which lowers an employee’s taxable income.

Commuter Benefits

Commuter benefits are available to help pay mass transit and/or parking expenses through pretax payroll deductions, which lower an employee’s taxable income.

Retirement Benefits

The Einstein 403b plan is a defined-contribution plan administered by Fidelity Investments. Pretax and after-tax Roth contributions are available under this plan. Investment offerings under the plan include 3 stable-value funds, 5 bond funds and 12 stock funds, which include value, blend, growth and international funds; a real estate fund; and 13 target-date life-cycle funds.

Group Legal Services

Group legal services are provided by Hyatt Legal Services. This coverage helps pay all or part of the cost of a wide range of personal legal services through a network of participating attorneys.

Child Care Grant

Einstein offers a grant of $200 per child per month to help subsidize the cost of child care at certain child care centers in the Bronx. This grant is available to medical students, graduate students and post-doctoral research fellows.

Click here for more information on the Child Care Grant.
Click here for information on discounted child care rates offered to Einstein members.

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