Office of Grant Support

Rita Allen Foundation

Internal Deadline:  December (tentative)
External Deadline: January (tentative)
Please note: The following is  provided for your reference only as the sponsor's website
does not specifically address this program.

General Information:

The College of Medicine has been invited to submit one candidate for consideration for the
2017 Rita Allen Foundation Scholarship. This award seeks to support future leaders in the
research fields of analgesics, cancer, immunology and neuroscience.

From the Foundation's invitation letter:
Candidates will show promise of becoming leaders in research in the cure and treatment of diseases in the field of analagesics, cancer, immunology and neuroscience. We prefer candidates who are in the early stages of their careers: most likely that would mean a recent appointment at a faculty level.


Einstein is eligible to nominate ONE candidate for this award.

Candidates should be faculty members at an early stage in their careers who have not yet achieved tenure.

Candidates should have demonstrated distinguished achievement in one of the relevant fields

See email for Einstein preliminary application guidelines. If chosen as Einstein's candidate, the guidelines for a complete application are as follows:

Complete applications will require the following: a written proposal (no more than 4 pages) and a curriculum vitae;  an assessment of the individual prepared by the Dean or some other senior official at the institution; letters of support from five people acquainted with the candidate's work. At least two letters of support should come from individuals outside of the candidate's institution. Describe the procedure used in the institution to identify the institutional nominee. If the candidate expects to receive other broad support or special merits awards, these should be listed.

Applications are now being submitted electronically, through Fluxx.


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