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NIH PAYLINES AND SUCCESS RATES [other funding statistics]

Understanding Paylines and Percentiles
NIH Comparison of Success Rates to Percentile Paylines       NIH Success Rate Page 

Updated April 10, 2018

INSTITUTE Success Rate FY2016 Payline (2016) Payline (2017) Payline(2018) Further information. (Click link for Institute's Current Funding Strategy)
FIC 29.5        2018 funding strategy under continuing resolution. Payline not published. 
NCATS 27.7       Payline not published/FY2018  
NCCIH 13.9       FY 2017 Funding Strategy  
NCI 12 10 10   12 for New & Early Stage-Investigators. 2017 funding plan   
NEI 25.7       25% anticipated award rate. Payline not published/FY2017 Fiscal Policy   
NHGRI 25.6       Does not establish Paylines/FY2017 Funding Strategy  
NHLBI 24.2 14 15 15 25 for Early Stage Investigators/ FY 2018 Funding Strategy 
NIA 22.8 11**** 12    FY 2017 Funding Strategy  (19 for under 500K/16 for over 500K. New Investigators--22 under 500K/19 over. Early Stage Investigators:25 Under 500K/22 Over)****Significantly higher paylines for applications focusing on Alzheimer's Disease. Follow link for details.
NIAAA 18.8        Does not establish overall Paylines/ FY 2017 Financial Management Plan  
NIAID 24 10 9 13 Interim Payline  (Funding Strategy) 17 payline for new & early-stage investigators.
NIAMS 16 13 13 13 Funding Strategy for 2018 (new investigators: 22)
NIBIB 14.6 14 16   FY 2018 Interim Funding Strategy 
NICHD 13.2 10     FY 2018 Funding Strategy-no fixed payline for R01s
NIDA 15.4       Payline not published/FY2016 Funding Strategy  
NIDCD 26.7       Payline not published/ FY2016 Funding Strategy  
NIDCR 19.9       Payline not published/ FY2018 Funding Strategy  
NIDDK 20.1 13 12   FY2018 Funding Strategy -nominal payline (also the same for new and early-stage investigators)
NIEHS 14.2 10      2016 Funding Strategy 
NIGMS 29.6       Payline not published/ Interim Funding Strategy 
NIMH 22.9 10-20 10-20 20 FY2018 Interim Funding Strategy     (25 for new and early-stage investigators)
NIMHD 19.3       FY2016 Funding Strategy 
NINDS 19.8 15 12   FY2018 Funding Strategy 
NINR 9       Payline not published/not updated 

Success rates are defined as the percent of applications awarded compared with the total number of applications received.Above figures are taken from NIH's page, Success Rates by Institute  

For competing research project grants.

NCMHD is considered Not Applicable because of joint funding by other Institutes and Centers.

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