Office of Grant Support


Procedures for Internal Routing for Non-Electronic Submissions (e.g., Sub-Ks, RPPRs, Private Foundations)

All grants should be internally routed through the CAYUSE system.

Once logged in--

1--Go to proposals section, and select "+ Create Proposal"


2--Select the "Other Proposal" radio button and fill in the required information. Doing so will bring up a set of generic forms.
Please note: in some cases, you may need to route a Federal proposal that is not going to be submitted electronically (i.e., a proposal for a mechanism that has yet to be transitioned to electronic submission, like some U or P-series). You would still use these forms. They are only seen internally so the "non-federal" designation is not taken literally, in this case.


As in the case of Federal proposals, Einstein has a preferred internal naming format:


Last Name of PI/Funding Mechanism and/or Funding Source/ Deadline Date

(Example: Jones/AmericanHeart/1-1-17)


3--Fill out the forms, along with the Cayuse Summary. In the documents section, attach the Einstein Final Approval form, and any others that may apply in the internal routing of this proposal.


4--When complete, start internal routing.

All routing chains should use the following format:

Office of Grant Support
Dean's Office
(As needed:
IACUC (Animal Institute)
Environmental Health and Safety)
Departmental Administrator (optional)
Authorized Organizational Representative

FCOI (Financial Conflict of Interest)

5--When routing is complete, your grant is ready for submission by whatever method the funder requires. Putting in a submission date on the Project Summary (and in the internal naming of the grant) is important because we can list it as "submitted"--which we will assume it has been unless it's deleted from the system or we informed otherwise.



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