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Business Funding Sources

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Any questions regarding searches and funding sources should be directed to the Office of Grant Support (718) 430-3642.

Source Funding Interest Phone Additional Info
Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation  Economics (570) 675-7074

Support for proposals with national impact having to do with economic education research.

Dean Witter Foundation  Finance (415) 981-2966

Grants to promote research and higher education in finance.

Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Assn  Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Marketing (404) 252-3663

Grants for research on healthcare marketing.

Marketing Science Institute  Marketing Research (617) 491-2060

To stimulate, generate, and disseminate high-quality research that has the potential to impact business practice. 

NASDAQ Stock Market Educational Foundation  Financial Market Literacy/Entrepreneurship (800) 842-0356

Promotes learning  through innovative educational programs, curriculum development and dissertation fellowships.

National Science Foundation Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering  Computer Science (703) 292-5111

See website for grant opportunities.

National Science Foundation Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences  Social/Economic Sciences (703) 292-8700

See website for grant opportunities.

Price Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies  Business (201) 445-9980

Makes grants on both a seed funding and an ongoing support basis to scholarships and programs.

Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship  Germany/European Union/Business  

Provides  young American professionals (23-34) with executive level internships in the federal government and private sectors in Germany. Seminars in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich as well as visits to Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium and France prove an in-depth understanding of issues facing the European Union and Germany today. Candidates are competitively chosen from the fields of business.

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation  Economic Justice (212) 683-6424

Supports research projects that deepen the understanding of how Henry George's philosophy of economic justice 1-yields practical results in a variety of policy settings or 2-is connected with issues and debates in the social science or humanities disciplines.

Upjohn Institute  Labor Force Research  

Supports policy-relevant research on issues related to employment and unemployment. 2005 focus: the effects of health care costs on labor demand.

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