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Custom Illustrations

  • Medical and scientific illustrations
  • Maps
  • Custom illustrations
  • Graphs and charts
  • Custom logos

Illustrations come in all shapes and formats, from clip art to portraits to paintings and drawings to photographs. In the medical and scientific field, what we need to illustrate may not even exist, or be accessible to photography.

We are fortunate to have a medical illustrator on staff who has developed a large category of techniques and styles – working from pencil sketches to the latest software.

When you want to show a new surgical technique, or a process or condition inside the body, or draw an invention that’s not been built, an illustration may be the best vehicle to present your ideas. check rates

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The Graphic Arts Center - Creative Services

Phone: 718.430.2761
Fax: 718.430.8745
Email: graphicarts@einstein.yu.edu
Location: Room 910, Belfer Building 9th floor

To schedule an appointment, call 718.430.2761

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