Auxiliary Services


The housekeeping department performs daily cleaning and routine maintenance. We work in conjunction with the facilities department on major capital projects as well as numerous smaller landscape projects throughout the year.



Our services include daily cleaning of bathrooms, offices, classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums, lecture halls, dining areas, kitchens, conference rooms, corridors and common areas. Tasks include: vacuuming of carpets, glass cleaning, dusting, wiping (vertical & horizontal surfaces), daily removal of recyclable materials (cardboard, plastic, metal, paper, furniture and electronic machines), daily removal of trash and medical waste to designated locations, furniture cleaning (chairs, couches, tables and window blinds), carpet-care projects, hard floor-care projects and moving requests.

We also perform exterior and interior event set ups and breakdowns, including pre-event preperations in conjunction with food services and post-event clean ups; internal moves of furniture, boxes and file cabinets and laboratory clean outs and detail cleaning for new occupancy in collaboration with the environmental health & safety department.



How can I get my carpet cleaned or shampoo?
Please submit a housekeeping work order. Note that most carpets are cleaned during the evening hours and requests can take up to 2 weeks to accommodate.

I need to have a set up done. Who do I talk to?
Please talk to any custodial manager. A work order should be submitted in a timely matter for the date of your request.

How can I get my personal belongings or furniture moved?
All required work can be requested by submitting a housekeeping work order.

Please fill out Housekeeping Work Order and send your completed form to:
Ullmann Room B3, or fax to extension 8905.

Contact Us

Fernando Quiles, Director

Day Manager
Feliciano Ramirez

Day Hours: 7am to 3pm  

Evening Manager
Leo Jimenez, Robert Thornton, Lidia Vargas

Evening Hours: 3pm to 11pm

  Office Coordinator
Deborah Maye
Phone: 718.430.2352
Phone: 718.430.2810

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