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The Security and Transportation Office is responsible for maintaining Einstein’s Jack and Pearl Resnick campus as a secure place for work and study. The office is responsible for a variety of services that includes campus security, conducting investigations, campus ID card and access control program, locksmith services, assigning and policing employee parking, lost and found services, as well as, assisting with campus postings. Campus Officers also offer security escort services that is available around the clock to anyone who would like to be accompanied to another destination "on-campus" or to their parked vehicle. The office also oversees the provision of transportation services for medical students during their clerkships, and operation of a shuttle service for members of the Einstein community to/from the 180th Street subway station in the Bronx. 

The Security and Transportation Office maintains both a daily crime log and fire safety log. The logs for the most recent 60-day period are available for public inspection, upon request, during normal business hours, and information for prior periods is available upon request, with at least two business days’ prior notice. These logs include all crimes, fire-related incidents and other serious incidents reported to the security department that occur on campus, as well as, incidents that may occur at non-campus buildings or properties in the nearby vicinity, on public property or within the security department’s jurisdiction, or crimes reported to the security department by the NYPD. An incident is posted into the log by the security department within two business days of its receiving a report of an incident. The security department may exclude reports from a log in certain circumstances, as permitted by law.

In conjunction with its efforts to maintain campus security and safety, the security office also helps to spearhead Einstein’s Campus Emergency Notification system. This system is used in the event of a major emergency to send text, phone and e-mail messages designed to keep members of the campus community informed and safe from any potential danger.







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What if I need to reach the security office after business hours?
The security desk at Forchheimer operates 24 hours, 7 days a week. The security personnel there can be reached by calling 718.430.2019.

What do I do if something is missing from my office/lab?
If you suspect that something has been removed from your office or lab, please call the security office immediately. An investigation will begin and a report will be written.

How can I safeguard my computer?
As a free service to the Einstein community, we install cables to prevent theft of Einstein computers, small equipment, scales, etc. All requests should be made using an iLAB Work Order Form, which should be submitted online.

Contact Us

Main Office
Location: Forchheimer, G-09
Phone: 718.430.2180
Fax: 718.430.8738
Main security desk extension: 2019

Neil KaplanCPP, Chief of Security & Transportation
Phone: 718.430.2180

Campus Emergency: 718.430.4111 

49 Precinct (Non-Emergencies): 718.918.2000

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