Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Training For Investigators, Students & Staff

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), a federally mandated committee, oversees all aspects of the institution's animal care and use program, facilities and procedures.  One of the many regulatory charges of the IACUC includes overseeing training of faculty, students, and staff of Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Einstein) on the use of experimental animals. 

Faculty, students, and staff may NOT participate in animal research involving live animals UNTIL all required training has been required.  Below are step by step instructions on how to complete all required training.  

Please be sure to complete the instructions below in CONSECUTIVE ORDER. If you submit the "New Personnel Form" before steps 1 and 2 have been completed, the form will be returned and you will have to resubmit the form once steps 1 and 2 have been completed.  

  1. You MUST be medically cleared to participate in IACUC training by the Occupational Health Service Department of EINSTEIN.  For further instructions on how to obtain medical clearance you MUST contact your Department Administrator, as medical clearance is contingent upon the "Animal Handler Questionnaire" form completed by the Department Administrator.
  2. Complete ALL required CITI online training modules pertinent to the animal research you will be performing at Einstein.  For instruction on how to complete CITI online training and required online training modules, visit CITI Online Training Module.
  3. Principal Investigator must submit modification to approved protocol through eSIRIUS.  For instructions on how to submit modification through eSIRIUS email: Dr. Sunder Shrestha, Dr. Linda Jelicks, or Dr. Jorge LaroccaIf the name of the person you are attempting to add in eSIRIUS does not appear in dropdown menu, complete "New Personnel Form" and return to IACUC by email. 
  4. Complete ALL required face to face training and brief tour of animal facility.  The IACUC office will register you for all face to face training once items 1-3 (above) have been addressed/completed.  For a list of all required face to face training sessions and dates for upcoming face to face training sessions visit Required Face to Face Training
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