Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Policy Regarding Visiting Scientist

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) requires assurance that visiting personnel have the necessary expertise regarding proposed animal procedures and that they have cleared through Occupational Health & Safety.  In addition, if visitors will be performing procedures which potentially cause more than momentary pain or distress (e.g. survival or non-survival surgery), a member of the veterinary staff must observe initial procedures to assure that the visitor is competent and adheres to IACUC standards for those activities.

  1.  Short-term visitors: In order to accommodate short-term (up to four weeks) visiting scientists or collaborators, the IACUC allows a waiver for animal care training. However, before short-term visitors can work with animals or be allowed access to the animal facilities the following steps must be accomplished:
    1. Principal Investigator must submit a letter requesting that the visiting scientist be exempted from participating in training at Einstein, giving a brief explanation why exemption is being requested and summarizing the visiting scientist’s experience.
    2. Documentation of the Visitor’s Animal Care and Use Training credentials must be submitted to the IACUC Office for review along with the letter.
    3. Principal Investigator must provide the visitor with a copy of the approved protocol they will be working under.
    4. Visiting personnel are not allowed to work with animals in the laboratory until approval has been granted by the IACUC.
    5. Visiting personnel must be accompanied by laboratory personnel approved under the animal use protocol.
  2. Visitors for longer periods of time: Visiting scientists who will be at Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Einstein) for longer than one month must complete online CITI training and “New Users Orientation to Research Animal Use at Einstein” to familiarize with Einstein policy regarding use of animals in research.  They will also be required to complete additional CITI training and attend hands on courses required for their project (“Sterile Survival Surgery for Rodents”, “Safe and Humane Rodent Handling, Anesthesia, Analgesia and Euthanasia”, etc.). Accommodations can be made for individual training if the visitor will not be at Einstein long enough to attend the scheduled group training sessions.


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