Office of Academic Appointments

Clinician-Educator Track

Suggested Guidelines for Appointment/Promotion to Senior Rank: Clinician-Educator Track (CET) 

The following guidelines allow for appointment/promotion in the Clinician-Educator Track for faculty members who show recognition of excellence in the candidate's area of expertise.  This may be documented by lectures outside the institution, teaching awards for services as a course leader or program director and student evaluations.

To be considered in this track a faculty member must show:

  • Strength in both major legs. 
  • Strength in one or two minor legs.

The Candidate need not meet all criteria in each category (e.g., editorial board and 10 publications).


 Major Legs


1. Peer recognition as an outstanding physician

2. Directs or creates a specific service

3. Recognition (regional/national recognition for associate professor, national/international recognition for professor) at least two of the following:

  • significant number of substantial peer-reviewed publications (i.e., more than five for associate professor or professor.)
  • invited presentations
  • ability to draw clinical trainees
  • editorial board member
  • journal reviewer
  • chapter/review author

4. Clinical scholarship:

  • 1-2 two publications for Associate Professor, more than two publications for Professor 
  • grants
  • participation in clinical research protocols


1. Teaching with distinction within the medical school as a lecturer, course leader or preceptor as described in the Teaching Portfolio:

  • description of teaching commitment (content, hours, number and level of students, number of sessions)
  • independent assessment of teaching performance from the Einstein Office of Education
  • testimonials from students and course leaders

2. Clinical teaching with distinction (e.g. as attending, director of clinic):

  • frequency/duration
  • independent assessment of teaching performance from department, numerical score ranking candidate in comparison to other faculty
  • testimonials from residents and/or fellows

3. Receipt of teaching awards

4. Development of curricular courses, program director/development

5. Invited lectures at regional (for associate professor) or national (for professor) level

6. Educational Scholarship:

  • 1-2 publications for Associate Professor, more than 2 publications for Professor 
  • grants
  • participation in education research protocols


 Minor Legs


1. Research support (government agencies, foundations, industry, etc.)

2. Publications

3. Regional recognition (for associate professor) national recognition (for professor) 

  • invited presentations
  • editorial board membership
  • journal reviewer
  • chapter author


  • Departmental director
  • School or hospital committee participation
  • Organization of a service

Previous Rank

Rank at another institution

For example:

Illustrative Instances 



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