Office of Academic Appointments

Visiting Scientist/Research Trainee/Research Scholar

In order to appropriately classify individuals participating in research at Einstein, we have developed the titles of Visiting Scientist, Research Trainee, and Research Scholar.  Appointing an individual in one of these titles regardless of whether they are being paid on the Einstein payroll, require that the person receive an offer letter, wage statement and complete the on line harassment training module.

Title  Required Degree  Rules of Appointment  Term Limit 
Visiting Scientist  Doctoral Degree Must have faculty appointment at another institution. 1 year. (possible 1 year reappointment)
Research Trainee      College Level Student Must have specific research plan. 1 year
  Bachelor's Degree Must have specific research plan. 1 year
  Master's Degree Must have specific research plan. 1 year
  Registered Ph.D. Student in another University    5 years, must be matriculated Ph.D. student.
  All but dissertation (ABD) Pending acceptance of thesis. 6 months
Research Scholar  Doctoral Degree Intended for early career scientist with a specific research plan. 1 year
    Is part of the J-1 Exchange Program.  

Appointment Documentation prepared by the Academic Department:

  1. A completed and signed Visiting Scientist/Research Trainee/Research Scholar Appointment Application. (must be typed) 

Appointment Documentation required from the Candidate:

  1. Current Curriculum Vitae.
  2. Copy of current degree held (translated and evaluated if necessary). 
  3. Proof of financial support (if not supported by Einstein). 
  4. If requesting a J-1 Visa for the candidate, please provide a complete copy of the Foreign Passport. 

The Office of Academic Appointments will review this application and advise you of the appropriate title.  

Visiting Scientist Rules:

  1. A Visiting Scientist is an individual who has a doctoral degree and holds a primary faculty appointment at another institution. 
  2. Visiting Scientists will have a 1 year term limit with a possible 1 year reappointment, to be reviewed and approved by the Dean's office.  
  3. An incoming Research Fellow, who cannot be immediately appointed as such because they have not defended their graduate thesis, may be appointed as a Visiting Scientist for up to 6 months. 
  4. Visiting Scientists sponsored on a J-1 visa should be prepared to provide documentation that they have at least $33,000 per year in financial support. 

 Research Trainee Rules:

  1. A Research Trainee is a non-scientist (college students, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, etc) who will be training in a laboratory setting with specific research goals. 
  2. Research Trainees will have a 1 yr term limit. 
  3. Ph.D. students who have completed their course work and are doing their thesis research at Einstein will be appointed as Research Trainees with a term limit of 5 years as long as they remain registered students in their home university. 
  4. Research Trainees sponsored on a J-1 visa should be prepared to provide documentation that they have at least $33K per year in financial support.  In determining the appropriate level of support, the following needs to be taken into consideration:  their housing costs, insurance, personal funds.  

Research Scholar Rules:

  1. A Research Scholar title is intended for an early career scientist with a specific research plan. 
  2. A Research Scholar must have a doctoral degree. 
  3. The term of appointment will be limited to 1 year. 
  4. Research Scholars must receive at least $33,000 per year in financial support. 

Offer Letter Templates:

Once approval of the title is given, please move ahead with generating the offer letter, Appendix A&B and forward to the appropriate office.

 Visiting Scientist Offer Letter:

 Research Trainee Offer Letters:   

Research Scholar Offer Letter:

Offer Letter Appendices - 2017

Offer Letter Appendices - 2018


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