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Investigator Track

Suggested Guidelines for Appointment or Promotion to Senior Rank

Appointment in the Investigator Track is reserved for (1) faculty members in the basic or clinical sciences who demonstrate a career commitment to scholarly pursuit and have documentation of their endeavors by way of significant publication, grant support, peer recognition for outstanding research and national and international recognition; and (2) clinicians who demonstrate peer recognition as an outstanding physician and teacher. It is expected that the faculty member is spending a minimum of 75% of his or her time devoted to laboratory, clinical or population based research. Supplementary support for promotion on this track for clinicians may include direction of a clinic, giving grand rounds lectures, and serving as preceptor, lab mentor and/or conference leader.

While tangible distinction should be demonstrated in at least one aspect of academic activity in which the individual is engaged, it is generally expected that the individual's contributions to the tasks of this medical school (education, research, clinical service and administration) will have considerable breadth; and in all aspects of academic activity, the individual must meet the standards of this medical school. "Citizenship" i.e., service to the school or its affiliated institutions, will also be considered relevant for promotion to senior rank.

No precise distinction exists in the criteria for appointment or promotion to the rank of Associate Professor or Professor.  Having achieved the rank of Associate Professor, it is expected that the same level of high quality scholarly productivity, research and/or clinical accomplishments, teaching activity, and “good citizenship’ will have continued to warrant promotion to Professor.  The Committee on Appointments and Promotions (CAP) often looks for national involvement and recognition for the rank of Associate Professor and international recognition for the rank of Professor.

Recommendation to the Investigator Track is made to the senior ranks of:

  • Professor of…
  • Associate Professor of…

Each of the following is intended to illustrate a career description for an individual who is eligible for an appointment or promotion to senior rank within the Investigator Track guidelines.  The few illustrations given are meant to illustrate a range of career routes to senior rank.  They are intended to reflect a balance leaning, respectively, towards research, clinical, teaching and administrative contributions.  When properly reviewed by the full curriculum vitae and other supporting materials, each is a model that would be appointed or promoted at senior rank.

  1. The candidate has made basic or clinical research contributions that are widely known and are original and ground breaking.  The candidate has published extensively in refereed journals of high caliber, presented their work at national meetings, and been active in professional organizations as officer and committee member. The candidate is also a respected educator, teaching core courses in the medical or graduate school degree programs and mentoring students and other trainees.
  2. The candidate is renowned as a clinician nationwide and is called upon for special clinical consultations, and patients are referred to them for difficult problems within their area of expertise.  The candidate has spoken at national meetings and, though rarely, served on national committees.  Publications are few, but they have edited one book and published several case reports in their area.  At Einstein, the candidate is a respected clinical teacher.  Students come here from all over to take electives in their unit and they are an important role model for them.
  3. The candidate is a respected teacher, with a long history of major impact upon house staff and they carry their influence and educational methods to other medical schools when they leave; curricula that they have shaped reflect creative and wide-ranging scholarship, and have been adopted elsewhere as well.  Potential house staff are advised to come to Einstein from elsewhere so as to train with this person.  They have authored a textbook and published a few chapters in books edited by others, as well as having presented at various national meetings.  They are well regarded clinically.
  4. The candidate is a respected clinician and teacher, with numerous medical student and house staff contacts in rounds and courses.  Their major current work is in running an innovative clinic and ward where pioneering diagnostic and treatment procedures have been undertaken.  They are known widely for the creation of their service which has been emulated elsewhere, and they have served as a consultant to these new services.  The service has a research arm which has produced both basic and clinical research contributions.  While the candidate has not been directly involved in that research on a day-to-day basis, they are widely regarded as having developed the context, both of ideas and of functioning, that makes the research possible, and they are co-author of numerous papers emanating from it.

 Investigator Track Checklist 

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