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Multi-Project Grant Submissions

Recently, the NIH made electronic submissions of multi-project grant submissions mandatory. Right now, Cayuse DOES support the majority of these types of applications. If they support your FOA--Cayuse should be used. If the FOA is not Cayuse-supported, at this time,  you will have to use NIH's ASSIST (Application Submission System Interface for Submission Tracking) System. If there is any doubt, please contact the OGS ( with the Funding Opportunity number and we will check for you.


If you will be submitting through Cayuse,  please contact the OGS (X3642) for information on Cayuse's recorded Mutli-Project Webinar (approximately 1 hour long). They have a Multi-Project support page . Both should be used to help you with your initial submission, in conjunction wth the Funding Opportunity Announcement and the SF424 R&R Guide.


For ASSIST, below are links that will help you, greatly, as your prepare your multi-project grants for submission. This is quite different from the Cayuse system and please remember that you will still have to create an "other" proposal on Cayuse for internal routing...including budgets for ALL cores/projects.

 NIH ASSIST Webpage   

 NIH ASSIST Webinar    Slides from Webinar   

 ASSIST User Guide (please use in conjunction with specific Funding Opportunity Announcement) 

Annotated Forms for Multi-Project Grant Submissions 

ASSIST "Sandbox"--allows you to set up a mock application 


 Please remember two things regarding these grants: 

1--It is extremely crucial to read and follow the FOA and the specific instruction for that particular funding opportunity before you begin work. Having the User Guide handy is also something highly recommended.

2--SUBMIT EARLY! The suggestion is at least a day before. It's not as easy to validate this type of proposal.  And an error-free application is expected by the deadline. If errors are found--correcting them is not as simple as you may be used to, either. So, give yourself enough time.



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