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2019 Seminars and Workshops

  Leica 2019
Speakers: Bob Fasulka, Leica, Advanced Workflow Specialist 
Monday, September 16th, 2019, at 11:00 am

2017 Seminars and Workshops

  Photoshop 2017
Speakers: Hillary Guzik of AIF 
Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, at 10:00 am
Speakers: Vinnie Cavaliere, Kyle Crosby, Tanay Desai, and Geoff Perumal of Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC. 
Monday, April 24th 11:00 am

2016 Seminars and Workshops

Speakers: Phuson Hulamm of Nikon Instruments, Advanced Biosystems Specialist
and Buddy Bossmann of Nikon Instruments, Advanced Imaging Sales Specialist
Wednesday, March 2nd 10:00 am

2015 Seminars and Workshops

 2015-Nikon Super-res
Speakers: Jason Hill, PhD of Nikon Instruments, Senior Biosystems Applications Manager
and Randy Stout, PhD of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience
Thursday, November 12th 10:00 am

2014 Seminars and Workshops

Speaker: Patrina Pellett, PhD of GE Healthcare, Field Applications Scientist
Monday, September 8th 1:00 pm
Microscope demo: September 9th-19th
Speaker: Robert Fasulka of Leica Microsystems, Senior Advanced Imaging Specialist
Tuesday, July 8th 1:30pm
Microscope demo: July 28th - August 1st
Vutara super re 
Speaker: Zac Peeler of Vutara
Thursday, January 30th. 2:00pm  

2013 Seminars and Workshops

SICM lecture 
Speaker: Brian Choi of Park Systems, Research Product Manager
Monday, May 13th, 11:00 am
Speaker: Bryant Chhun of Carl Zeiss Microscopy, Super Resolution Specialist
Tuesday, January 29th, 10:00am
Speaker: Christina Polumbo of the AIF
Thursday, Janurary 24th, at 10:30 am



2012 Seminars and Workshops

Speaker: Dr. Valerica Raicu of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Thursday October 25, at 1:30pm
Speakers: Marilyn Carey of Gatan, Cryo-SEM Specialist and Cameron Ackerley of the Hospital for Sick Children, Application Specialist
Seminar: Wednesday, October 24 and Thursday, October 25 at 9:00am
Workshop: Wednesday, October 24 and Thursday, October 25 at 1:15 pm
Speakers: Manasa Gudheti of Vutara, Application Specialist and Zac Peeler of Vutara, Sales Representative
Thursday, Sept. 6th at 10:00 am
Speaker: Meredith H. Price of Bitplane, Regional Sales Engineer
Thursday, September 20th, 10:30am
Speaker: Christina Polumbo of the AIF
Tuesday, June 19th, at 10:30 am


2011 Seminars and Workshops

Speakers: Jerry Lehman and Susan Lai of Carl Zeiss Microscopy
Wednesday, November 9th, at 10:30 am
Speaker: Scott Randall of PerkinElmer, Software Specialist
Wednesday, October 19th, at 10:00 am


2010 Seminars and Workshops

Speaker: Scott Young of PerkinElmer, Software Specialist
Thursday, March 18th, at 10:30 am


2009 Seminars and Workshops

Speakers: Greg Law, Scott Young, and Seth Rostan of PerkinElmer
Seminar: Monday, October 5th, at 12:00 pm
Workshop: Monday, October 5th to Thursday, October 8th
Supported by: Aurion and Electron Microscopy Sciences
Workshop Instructors: Peter van de Plas and Frank Macaluso
Monday, May 18th through 21th
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