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Media-8 Novel Combination Therapy Promotes Wound Healing 2018

 AIF light microscopy staff Hillary Guzik was featured in an Einstein News Release of Dr. Sharp paper titled "Fidgetin-like 2 siRNA Enhances the Wound Healing Capability of a Surfactant Polymer Dressing".    

Media-9Picturing Worlds, Inside and Out 2017

Hillary Guzik, AIF light microscopy staff member, was featured in the Einstein Magazine, in the article title "Picturing Worlds, Inside and Out" about her photography.     




Media-8 Microscopy Society of America Outstanding Technologist Award 2016

Frank Macaluso, AIF EM Director, was awarded the Outstanding Technologist Award that honors technologists who have made significant contributions to the advancement of microscopy and microanalysis, from the Microscopy Society of America.   


Media-7 Blood Vessel “Doorway” Lets Breast Cancer Cells Spread Through Blood Stream 2015

AIF light microscopy co-director Dr. Peng Guo was featured in an Einstein News Release of Dr. Condeelis Real-Time Imaging Reveals Local, Transient Vascular Permeability, and Tumor Cell Intravasation Stimulated by TIE2hi Macrophage–Derived VEGFA Investigation.  




Media-4 Nanoparticle Therapy Promotes Wound Healing 2015

A 2-photon image showing mouse skin (collagen: second harmonic, hair follicle cells: green fluorescence) taken by AIF light microscopy co-director Dr. Vera DesMarais was featured in an Einstein News Release of Dr. Sharp's Nanoparticle Wound Therapy Investigation.  


Media-6 Annual Ad Libitum Art Night Showcases the Arts at Einstein 2015

AIF staff member Hillary Guzik, was interviewed and her photographs were featured at Einstein’s Ad Libitum Art Night. A silent auction of the artwork raised money for Bronx River Art Center.  

Read the Einstein article



Media-1Artful Imaging Leads to FASEB Honor 2014

AIF user Sabriya Stukes and AIF staff Hillary Guzik received top honors for an image in the 2014 BioArt Awards, hosted by the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB).   

Read the Einstein article. View all FASEB winners.  





Media-5 Recent Publication Core Spotlight: Analytical Imaging Facility 2014

An investigation of the morphological effect of focal segmental glomerulsclerosis (FSGS) on the podocytes of kidney glomeruli, was featured by the Office of Scientific Research’s March Newsletter. All confocal images were taken by AIF staff member Christina Polumbo and Cryo-Scanning Electron Microscopy images by AIF staff member Leslie Gunther-Cummins.  




Media 2 Microscopist by Day, Roller Derby Queen by Night 2009

AIF staff Leslie Gunther-Cummins was featured in Einstein's webpage as a jack of all trades. Not only excelling in microscopy but also in roller derby.  




Media 3 Einstein Center Offers Invaluable Resource to World's Worm Researchers 2009

AIF staff Leslie Gunther-Cummins along with AIF user Dr. David Hall teaches a TEM workshop in Beijing on C. Elegans Anatomy. 

Read the Einstein article


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