DNA Core Facility

Core Services

                 -DNA Sequencing
                 -Fragment Analysis (microsatellites)
                 -Real Time PCR
                 -Agilent Bioanalyzer
Affymetrix Facility
Genotyping Facility

Introduction to The AECOM DNA Facility

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine DNA Facility provides investigators with access to DNA sequencing, expression monitoring and multiple options for low and high throughput SNP genotyping.

The demand for rapid, high quality sequencing data has grown in the past five years.  The DNA facility has obtained the latest sequencing technology to keep up with demand.  In addition, sample processing protocols have been updated to maintain a rapid turnaround while increasing throughput.

The facility can process Affymetrix GeneChips; both expression and DNA genotyping products are available.  Further expression studies are possible on the facility's real-time PCR instrument.

The facility provides a number of options for investigators with genotyping needs including SNP discovery and large scale SNP typing.  Investigators can consult with the facility director to determine the best method for their study  based on project goals, sample number and SNP density.

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